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Monday, June 19, 2006

Decorating with what YOU already Have

Are you sitting there thinking...this room could use some character? It has so much potential...but, where do I start? Thats the questions I hope to help you with. You will be surprised what you can accomplish on your own, with items and furnishings you already have.
Best way to start is with a clean slate (room). Remove all furnishings and wall decor that you possibly can. If you have large items you know are going to stay in the room just push them to the side while you get a feel of where you would like to go with the room.
I personally always try to work with a theme ( items that are similar or are usually grouped together). For instance...a grandsons room built to resemble a captians quarters on a ship....that would use items like maps, bouys, portholes, ship wheel lobster traps and so on. Hope this gives you an idea what I mean.
Next, if you are painting, cover any furnishings you did not move, tape off the ceiling, baseboards and remove outlet covers. I always tape my screws to the cover till the job is finished...keeps them from getting lost. Paint the walls the color of your choice. Peel tape off before paint dries for a crisp clean line. Water based paints are best indoors and clean up is as simple as running water. Let paint dry at least an hour before moving things back in. Overnight, before hanging wall decor.
Move the largest pieces in place first. Rules of the trade. Make sure that the wall you are placing an item on, lets say couch, is large enough to accommodate the piece, without being overwhelmed. Also, make sure that smaller items, lets say desk, is not placed alone, on a wall that is large. Accent the left over area with smaller things like trunks, or small tables grouped with a chair. Don't be afraid to drag a favorite item out of another room to give it new life! I do this alot.
Lighting is important as well. If you read in a certain chair or place, be sure to provide lighting that is sufficient. Use smaller accent lamps wherever you can to show them off. Like on the small table by the antique get the idea, right.
If you have a large space, say living room- dining room combo, define the areas with larger rugs (5x7) or whatever works in the space you have. Arrange furniture to focus on the rugs which give the room a more divided feel.
Hanging wall decor over a piece of focus furniture, lets say couch, the rule is 4 to 6 inches above its highest point. I like to use lots of unusual things for wall art. An old wooden pitch fork, old crates cut in half then decoupaged with reproduction old prints that match whatever is going on in the room. I love pictures that are on slated wood as well. I will hang anything that has a hole in it...LOL. Sometimes I have to get creative and figure out a way to make something stay just washboards...a little slanted of course! Or, plate hangers to hang an old two man saw, securely to the on each end...evenly spaced.
Hope this article inspires you to get up and change it. It really is as easy as I made it sound. Go on, get can do it yourself. And you'll be glad you did. If you found the information in this article useful, please visit my site and email me your thoughts. If you started and then got me from my site and I will do my best to help you finish the job yourself.
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